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2019 Events program

Ph. Luigi Fieni

Walks and meetings, theatrical performances and ancient arts to reveal the secrets of the autumn and winter garden, home to birds and multicoloured berries. And then stories of exploration, surprising discoveries with biomimicry, geopoets and incredible trees.

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Guest of honour

Paolo Bürgi is a Swiss landscape architect.
His work relates mainly to the concept of “landscape”, which for him is closely connected to movement, cultural memory and private history. Thus the experience of space becomes something unique and unrepeatable.
A work in search of a contemporary renaissance, a “rebirth of the ability to see”, based on the wonder and rediscovery of a deep awareness, in a society where the relationship with the natural element is becoming more and more superficial and inattentive.
Interesting examples are the “Osservatorio Geologico” (Geological Observatory) or the “Terrazza nella foresta” (Terrace in the forest).
The element of anthropization enters on tiptoe in an architectural work that becomes a sign and a symbol, rather than a trace.

Among the guests

Gianfranco Pellegrino and Marcello Di Paola
In their backpack there is the Anthropocene, a new geological era, a journey through time, between past and present, choices made and future generations, where the garden is a must!

Maurizio Vecchia and Eraldo Antonini
A plant hunter and an expert on the history of garden and gardening tell adventurous researches in the deep heart of today’s forests and in history.

Loris dal Maistro
Winner of numerous awards at national and international level, he performs in the ancient art of the chioccolo, the imitation of birdsong.

Carlo Santulli
In the company of a scientist to discover biomimicry for which nature is inspiration, model, measure and guide.

Enrico Farina
Cicero among the collections of berries and small fruits of Orticolario 2019.

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