2018 Program. Among the events with Giullari del Diavolo

“Danza delle sfere di cristallo” (The dance of the crystal balls) performance

Friday and Saturday
Unannounced location, somewhere in the Park

Project by Giullari del Diavolo

Three surprise shows in the park to laugh, impress and amaze.
Because Play is also Magic and …  Theater.
Each performance ends with the “Danza delle sfere di cristallo”.

“Tuttotorna” (All makes sense)

Friday 12.00 am and Saturday 11.30 am
A comic show to talk about love and happiness, using geometries and manipulating objects. Funny and exciting.

“Sulle nuvole” (In the clouds)

Friday 3.00 pm and Saturday 4.30 pm
Three incredible characters enter the scene and instantly engage, give rhythm, bring joy by giving smiles, surprise and amazement. It is like entering an unreal world, where the protagonists are transformed into cartoons to involve an draw you into a magical atmosphere.

“Tilopa e il contorno del diavolo” (Tilopa and the Devil’s contour)

Friday and Saturday 6.00 pm
A comic show with a considerable scenic impact and a strong direct involvement. Highly technical juggling, performances with fire, fire eaters, acrobatics and live music …

“Danza delle sfere di cristallo” (The dance of the crystal balls)

Performed by Rose Zambezzi, performer
Her dance seems to come out of the body and expand through the crystal balls blending in with air and music to the general astonishment.

Giullari del Diavolo
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