2018 Program. Among the events: “Le jeu de jouer”

"Le jeu de jouer" a Orticolario 2018

Ph. Francesco Benzoni. Edit Ottavia Sanfilippo

Saturday, October 6, unannounced time
Sunday, October 7, unannounced time
inside “Sogno di una notte d’inizio autunno” (“Early autumn’s dream”)

“Le jeu de jouer” performance

Play of actions –  objectively strange

with a groupe of performers
Giulia RossoniAgata Sala, Ottavia Sanfilippo, Sara Vitrani, Elena Bellanova

In most of contemporary Europe reciting, acting, getting involved and playing are concepts expressed by a single word: giocare, spielen, jouer.
The actor on stage plays, like man in life.

A series of creative entrances with young dancers, who play in a space and are sometimes the protagonists, sometimes the spectators, and other times involve everyone in the scene.
Between dance and theater, concrete and abstract, daily and extra-ordinary.
Between amazement and surprise, unconventionality of the gesture and rediscovery of its naturalness.

Here is the enigma: what happens when we are in a place – no place, when we enter an environment that is different from our expectations?

What is the play of life?

Project “Sogno di una notte d’inizio autunno” by
Carla Testori | Studio Verde e Paesaggio
Vertemate con Minoprio (Co)