2018 Program. Among the events: “Esplorando i cannabinoidi” 

Sunday, October 7th, at 10.00 a.m.
Park, entrance to Central Pavilion in “Giardino da sballo

“Esplorando i cannabinoidi:
dalla pianta alle possibili applicazioni terapeutiche”

Exploring the cannabinoids:from the plant to possible therapeutic applications

With Livio Luongo, professor of Experimental Medicine at the University of Campania “L. Vanvitelli”.

Livio Luongo will accompany us on a popularizing “trip” to Cannabis, the “forbidden” plant, to provide clarity and discover its characteristics, properties and real dangers.

What varieties of Cannabis exist? Which and where are its psychotropic and non-psychotropic components? How does their composition vary in the medicinal varieties on the market?
What is the recreational Cannabis legalized in our country? And how does man interact with the compounds in the plant?
Among the leaves of Cannabis, Livio Luongo will open a path to investigate the therapeutic uses and the potential new uses.

Livio Luongo