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2018 events Program

Programma 2018. Ph. Luciano Movio
Ph. Luciano Movio

In 2018 the jokes, the theatrical performance,
the meetings with the harp, a rather special duel
are just some of the wonders you will have to discover.

Be careful though, because now we are going to be serious,
on Friday there will be a star for the gardeners:
his name is Roy Lancaster and he is an English gentleman

Our surprises for you do not end here …

> The general events program (.pdf) Only in Italian version

Among this year’s guests, ReGiS – Rete dei Giardini Storici will accompany you in the play streets, between villas and ancient stories. Natale Torre, the plant hunter, will show and experiment unusual health plants, Claudio Cervelli will walk among collections of incredible sages, while Gardenia meets Maurizio Galimberti…

And then Roy Lancaster, the guest of honor, a leading English plant expert, thinker and curious gardener, BBC adviser, plant hunter, who documented his expeditions in his numerous books, training and inspiring generations of gardeners in the whole world.

“Gardeners are the happiest people. All you need is a packet of seeds and patience. The whole world can blossom in your hands from a bean to a tree “

Some events are in English too or they are performances. Check on News area on the website.