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Mario Mariani and Matteo Boccardo, landscapers
Mario Mariani and Matteo Boccardo, landscapers

The concept

A garden dedicated to the desert comes to life on the soft sand: golden grasses accompany visitors and small braziers illuminate a large Arab tent. The desert expresses sensuality in the forms and in the forces governing and shaping it, in the feeling of helplessness and fear it evokes. This garden shows how apparently “empty” spaces can enhance and create a garden.

The interview

What is the last book you read? And what will be the next one?
Mario: Magnolias. The next one will be: “Ideals of the East: the spirit of Japanese art” by Kakuzo Okakura.
Matteo: A gardener’s journey by Pascal Cribier. The next one will be “The Flora between Lake Maggiore and Lake Como’”

Your next trip?
Mario: In good time, Tasmania. It has something primordial and is sparsely populated.
Matteo: Tibet has always fascinated me.

Favourite colour?
Mario: PANTONE 17-5641 TCX Emerald.
Matteo: I have no favourite colour but if we talk about plants, it is definitely green.

What is the plant that matters most to you?
Mario: The Xanthoceras in front of the stained glass window in the hall.
Matteo: Many of the plants in my garden are related to a person or a memory. I particularly care about a Pulmonaria collected in the last walks I took with my grandmother.

Where would you live?
Mario: Now here, then in a house by the sea, but half under the sea.
Matteo: In my middle school years, when I discovered Frank Lloyd Wright’s Kaufmann House I would have liked to live there, now I dream of a secluded place perhaps among the nature of the foothills.

What is your favourite historical era?
Mario: Before man.
Matteo: The roaring twenties.

Can you describe in short a scene that represents “beauty and elegance” for you?
Mario: Elegance is consistency, not the materials themselves.
Matteo: The golden grasses of a mountain plateau moved by a light late summer wind.

What is a garden for you?
Mario: A garden is a cultural ecosystem, music, art, philosophy are as present as good maintenance. The garden is humanism, where all human knowledge is made available to nature. Every true source of knowledge leads to the harmony and knowledge of nature and its laws; the garden, its practical and empirical realization where you get your hands dirty, has the same dignity as a treatise on metaphysics.
Matteo: A garden is a refuge from time and space that we create for our well-being, so with my work I try to bring benefits to people.

What is seduction for you?
Mario: Seduction is the peacock’s tail: every time it falls but then it grows back.
Matteo: Being kidnapped from reality for a few moments.