Special events

12th -17th April with Symphonia

During 2016 Milan Design Week, from April 12th to 17th starting at 10:00 till 20:00, “Symphonia 2016” will take place inside Spazio Hortensia, via Savona n.53 (Milan).

In the cozy atmosphere of a garden, wrapped in music, marvellous melodies are crafted from wood, fire, metal, stone, concrete, ceramics and glass.
There will be shown a preview of “Musicalia”, the new collection of furniture and decor by Hortensia and iFlame, which combines Music and its universal language along with Botany.

And then… “Musicalia” will be at 2016 Orticolario, within the Garden facing the Lake, among violins, harps, and other musical notes…

SpazioHortensia Fuorisalone del Mobile, Milano

SpazioHortensia Milano Design Week, Milano