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Orticolario 2017
Reaching out to the Moon

In the ever-welcoming Casa Ethimo in Milan, Moritz Mantero (Orticolario’s founder and president) unveils the essence of the ninth edition of the cultural event dedicated to the passion for gardening, and its ability to convey emotions and beauty. The event will be held from September 29th to October 1st, in Villa Erba at Lake Como.

“Reaching out to the Moon, leaving the burden behind, going further. Beyond the gardening boundaries, beyond Lake Como’s branches, beyond Earth. Up to the Moon, in order to observe our planet from up there. Being free to overcome the confines of space and shapes. This is Orticolario 2017 spirit: reaching out to the Moon”. These are the words of Moritz Mantero, Orticolario’s founder and president, while presenting the ninth edition of the event, scheduled from Friday September 29th to Sunday October 1st, in Villa Erba Park at Cernobbio (Como).
The villa dates back to the eighteenth century, and overlooks the shores of Lake Como (home to the famous movie director Luchino Visconti).
After the big success in 2016 (23,000 visitors and 250 exhibitors both in exterior and interior exhibition areas), Orticolario 2017 will strengthen its identity. Showing a great passion for gardening and its abilities to convey emotions and beauty, Orticolario wants to pay a real tribute to Nature. It relies on an evocative garden concept, offering the visitors a sensory walk through gardening, botany, landscape, art and design.

The ninth edition is clearly defined, being its title Reaching out to the Moon, its leit motiv the Moon, and its main flower the Fuchsia.
The Moon, eternal inspiration of myths and legends, has been dancing around us from the dawn of time, everyday showing our sensibility a different world. In its shining reflected light woods and gardens thrive with shadows, movements, noises and scents, plants awaken and flowers blossom. The Fuchsia, its shape resembling a dancer in the garden, is a flower of a thousand colours and incredible shades in flowers and leaves: it is the perfect symbol of love between gardeners and plants. In the early 1800s, the Fuchsia fever encouraged new varieties’ research, up to the most remote and exotic American islands: driven by the stars and by the Moon, experienced sailors and brave plants’ seekers have given the world a new delicacy for the garden.

To celebrate the night life of plants’ world and to enjoy the gardens in a different light, brand new aspect of this latest edition will be the late-night opening (until midnight) on September 29th and 30th (respectively Friday and Saturday), with a rich calendar of ad hoc events.

Inextricably linked to the Moon is the special guest of Orticolario 2017, Gilles Clément. A writer, an entomologist and a French landscape designer, Clément will receive “Per un giardinaggio evoluto” Award (Avant Gardening Award), created by Maestro Francesco Mazzola, FDM F.lli Mazzola.

Orticolario’s key features: the gardens inside the park, inspired to the current edition’s leit motiv and selected thanks to “Creative Spaces”, an international competition with a special jury of different nationalities members. The winner will receive the “Lake Como Golden Leaf Award”.
As always, the event leaves space to a big flowers and plants’ exhibition organized by selected national and international gardeners (including rare, unusual and collectible plants), as well as artistic crafts, design and art installations. Over time, cultural meetings, botanical demonstrations, book presentations, educational and creative workshops for children have enriched the program, making Orticolario the main event dedicated to “the culture of beauty”. This culture starts from gardens and ends up involving every aspect of humanity and its lifestyle. Among the main topics, a particular stress is put on promoting the bees’ culture and their important role both in the country and in the urban area. Bees are not only a biodiversity marker but also the greatest allies to humans and their well-being.
For any further information about proposals and initiatives at Orticolario 2017, visit the website or check the Orticolario app (coming soon).

Additionally, Orticolario pays special attention to solidarity: since its first edition, during the three days events, contributions will be collected and donated in favour of socially committed associations from the areas surrounding Lake Como that took part in the event’s realization.
The official Orticolario 2017 supporter is Generali Agenzia Generale di Como.

To be continued on Orticolario 2017 Official presentation (.pdf)

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